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8/15/2020 12:38:32 AM 
Robert Brock -

As a chemist with extensive quality control experience, my goal will always be to provide you with the best products at the lowest price to you. Listed below are some of the comments of a few of of our satisfied customers.


I just had my first experience with DMSO while I was on vacation and the product was from your website. It was a life changing experience!! I have been back from vacation since Saturday and I can feel my shoulder becoming more inflamed each day that goes by since I don't have any DMSO here. Its amazing because after one application my shoulder felt better than I had in over a decade. No place here in Nebraska sells it; so I just ordered enough to hopefully keep me stocked up for a bit.

Joe Navdi 

Hi Robert, In Israel most people are unaware of the unique qualities and benefits of DMSO. I mentioned the product to friends and family in the past and even gave them samples to use. Iíll continue to do so. Joe Joe

Erik Currier of CEO Computing  -

Hi Robert, I want to thank you for the roll on (70% / 30% Distilled Water) that you sent me. My dog has arthritis. He has had this for the past 4 years. I have rolled this on his hip and under his hip and it works better then giving him baby aspirin. He runs around like a new pup! Thanks for the dmso, it was a lifesaver! I will re-order it. Thank you. Erik

Ken from Brussels, Belgium 

Hello Robert, I'd like to thank you. Received the products in time. I had to pay 10 euro for custom taxes (what i expected in Belgium). You are a company/persons one can trust. Best Regards, Ken from Brussels.

Carolyn Coates 

Hi Robert, I received my order at work today. What a lovely surprise. Thank you for the great service. Carolyn

Michael Mooney  -

Hi Robert, If you didnít know by now, I have a life mission to tell the world about DMSO, and I can say anything I want to- AND will. Thank you for carrying the flag by making and selling it for a great low price, so that it is truly accessible to anyone. Michael


Hi Robert; Just wanted to let you know I received the DMSO early this morning. Wow! great service, that is about 3,600 miles in 5 business days! Fantastic. Thank you! Doug

Steven  -

Good stuff. Hope it works.

Bob Dyer 

Thanks for your great product and price too Robert and not to mention your prompt replies and shipping.I wish there were more companies out there that acted in the fashion yours does: the world would be a lot nicer place .


Great product;it really works.Reduced the swelling in my knee's and helped greatly with the pain.I ordered three bottles a few week's ago and ended up giving two away to friends.Just ordered more,Thanx.

Dave Cancilla 

Hey, I just placed my order for my own home this time. Thanks for shipping to my father in Oshawa, Canada as we had spoken about last week. He was very pleased with the product and service and was surprised his parcel arrived so quickly. Thanks again Dave Cancilla

Joe Nadivi 

I found while searching the net for a good source. Living overseas it is more difficult to locate suppliers who are willing to handle international shipping. I placed my order and received it promptly and without damage or spillage. All in all I'm very satisfied with the product, the price and with the courteous service. I'll defiantly recommend DMSO.NET to friends and colleagues as a reliable source for DMSO and other products.

Reezwan  -

I'm very satisfied with my dmso purchase from Initially, I was shipped the wrong product. When I let Robert know, he immediately sent me the correct product free of charge and free of shipping cost. I was also allowed to keep the previous (incorrect) item as a gift for the inconvenience. This is a testimony to his professionalism, honesty, and dedication to customer satisfaction. I highly recommend this company to anybody. I am very happy with the dmso and very happy with the wholesale prices.

Mary Thompson  -

I tell people how great this product is and I can't believe the results and enthusiasm.

Edward McGowan  -


Al in Toronto 

Hi Robert, This morning, at 9AM, a Fed-Ex truck delivered my order in less than a week, from CA to Toronto by ground. That's pretty impressive. I love your web-site: 19 items, and that's it. No frills. I will be back, and I will tell my friends. Thanks, Al

Dirk  -

Thanks for making this valuable information available to the public.


Very good web site, easy to use. I found the Dmso Gel that I was looking for. Thank you for the speedy, prompt service. Just continue with your wholesale prices !!

CJB  - None given

Very fast service to canada! has the best prices I've found! I'll reorder for sure! Chris- ON canada

(Name Not Disclosed) 

Greetings Very good web site. I loved it. Found invaluable information. Just what I was looking for :-) Regards and best wishes

(Name Not Disclosed)  -

Really great site with alot of good information!! Keep up the good work!!!!


Hi This is one of the best sites I have ever found. Thanks!!! Very nice and informal. I enjoy being here

sopitikoj  -

Hello Great .Now i can say thank you! G'night



Nick Mendoza  -

Excellent Products!

A Satisfied Customer 

Hi all! Well done, this site is really great. Just wanted to say hello, keep up the good work! Bye

Heri Gonzalez  -

After carefully comparing your ( prices and quality with all the other DMSO web sites, I am happy to report that you have the best quality DMSO products at the lowest price. Please continue to keep your wholesale prices as low as they are now so that all may enjoy the benefits of this miracle solvent.

Harry Wilkerson 

I've just began using the 99% DMSO for my arthritic knees. The pain is now gone and I feel like a new person.From now on, I will not be without a bottle of dmso near me.Please keep your price low and do not change it.

William Anderson 

A friend of mine recently gave me a bottle of your dmso to use.He told me that he bought your product for his use. He also said he was skeptical if it would really work.He bought from you because he said you have the lowest price available on the market.He gave me the product because he told me that it works. Well, I just want you to know that after I used the dmso, I found that this is truly a miracle product.I am very happy that my friend was so generous to give me a bottle of your dmso for my use.I will spread the word to my friends. Thank you very, very much.

John Walters 

Present health is: I am 38 years old. I have sore muscles & stiff joints with increased severity over time, high blood pressure & diabetes. I am overweight. I have some painful pressure in my hip joints which increases in severity the longer I stand. Spine is very stiff & no sideways movement remains. Cannot use right hand at all except to sign my name and that causes severe pain. With these health conditions & having read about DMSO and Aloe, my thought is to order the 70% DMSO-30% Aloe Vera. I understand that you do not sell dmso for medical use . I would greatly appreciate a reply as soon as possible and will check my email on a daily basis. I understand that the FDA only lets you sell dmso as a solvent and they do that to protect the pharmaceutical companies from having competition with dmso.

Linda  -

Has anyone used DMSO alone, or in conjunction with another product, for the treatment of tinnitus? Please help!

Grete Letting  -

I have tried DMSO for my constant pains, and it really helped! But I don't know where I can get it in Norway. I understand that you are an international wholesaler of dmso? If you ship to Norway, please let me know so I can place an order. Grete Letting, Oslo

Glles Poirier  -

would DMSO help my psoriasis not much is helping.

Laurel Canyon  -

I have read that DMSO can be useful for treating traumatic brain injury. Does anyone know of any studies or anyone who has tried this and got results? Thanks.

Stephen M. Perkins  -

Discovered DMSO and Dr. Jacobs via a web search for shingles treatment in 1997. Tried absolutely everything topical and oral to treat the violent, sudden excruciating jolts of pain in my forehead: herpes Zoster ('shingles'). Unbelievable pain! Nothing had helped. Nothing. Then a dog specialist suggested rapidly alternating hot/cold splashes of tap water. Temporary relief, but something at least. Then I found an over the counter source: DSMO really DID work, immediately and virtually permanently. Only very minor, very occasional itch there now, five years later! I'm was very impressed. Decided I could live after all. Today, I use DSMO for sports injuries. What a godsend! But why did no medical professional know about DSMO? Why, indeed: low profit no doubt. Yes, it can be misused as any and all treatments. I've been further inspired to take oral MSM, a relative of DMSO, which has given me a great boon to my general health, physical and mental. I'm 55, HIV+ and look feel and act much younger than before testing positive 17 years ago! Strong and resilient. I'm so grateful for discovering DMSO and MSM. So lucky to have this information and access to such safe miraculous substances. I hope I can convince my arthritic mother, age 84 and obese sister to try them.

Mary E. Holmes  -

Where can I buy DMSO in the Ft. Myers, FL area? My last purchase was thru DMSO America in Lawrence, Mass. Long way to go! Don't wish to ever be without this product. Did a lot of research on it & feel quite safe with it.

Steven Perez sr  -

has anyone used DMSO for cardiac problems or high blood pressure. please feel free to e-mail. Thanks.

Beatrice Nagy  -

In the past I had used DMSO as a bonding agent with aspirins and anti-inflammation ointments to carry it across the skin barrier quickly to the injured sites on my older horses with severe joint problems. In the process on several occasions I hadn't used gloves when applying it onto the horses, and noticed that it was helping in stopping the pain in my knuckles. Well as you can guess I have been using it for several years in that effect and am using it on any pain site without any side effects to myself. It really works and older people should consider using it for arthritis. Just a food for thought on your part.

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