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**100% Aloe Vera Juice (Gel) (2N1)**

Early History of Aloe Vera. The early usage of this miracle product dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Greeks. At the present time, folk remedies in Japan, South Africa, China, India and Mexico have used aloe for treatment of gastrointestinal, liver, skin and for treatment of bronchitis, asthma, burns, arthritis, and hair loss.

Chemical composition of Aloe Vera.  Aloe contains polysaccharides, consisting of glucose, mannose, galactose, xylose, arabinose, organic acids, enzymes (aids to suppress inflammation), a protein containing 18 amino acids, wound healing hormones, vitamins, calcium, copper, potassium and others.

  • 100% ALOE VERA JUICE (2N1)  (No water added)

  • Our supplier of this 100% Aloe Vera Juice has met the "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval from the industry

  • Purity and Biological Activity are guaranteed

  • 10% polysaccharides are guaranteed

  • May be used as a skin care product. To use for skin care treatment, apply onto skin with a cotton swab. There are many natural treasures and nutrients that come from our miracle Aloe Vera. It imparts an emollient or softening and soothing effect on the applied area of skin. It moisturizes the skin. Our Aloe Vera Gel contains no greasy oils. It may help to relieve pain deep beneath the surface associated with sore muscles and joints. Aloe Vera Gel has been approved by the FDA (food and Drug Administration) for treatment of burns and minor skin problems

  • Aloe Vera Juice, or Gel, is a natural juice that is extracted from mature Aloe Vera and processed to preserve its miracle properties. For thousands of years it has been taken internally by many people throughout the world to help alleviate or control problems of arthritis, stomach ulcers, digestive problems, stiffness and soreness of the muscles and joints, etc. Aloe Vera has been approved by the FDA as a safe food additive. (See FDA Chapter One, Paragraph 172.510)

  • Individually shrink wrapped for your protection
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16 Fluid Oz. ****************** $6.95 Ea.

32 Fluid Oz. ****************** $12.95 Ea.

128 Fluid Oz. (1 Gallon) ********* $33.50 Ea. (Best Savings)

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